Paranormal Activity Called Scariest Movie Ever: Low Budget Blair Witch Style Film Outdoes Saw V1 at Box Office

When a young couple, Katie and Micah, sense a strange presence in their home in San Diego, California, they try to trap it by setting up a video camera to record what is going on at night while they are sleeping. Katie has the feeling that the ghostly presence that has haunted her since she was a child is behind the supernatural experiences. They consult a psychic, who believes a demon might be to blame, and that the demon may be attached to Katie rather than the environment. He suggests they consult a demonologist.

Scariest Horror Movies Of All Time

What one person calls scary another may think of as simply being silly. These differences in opinion make it very difficult to correctly rank the scariest movies of all time. To be fair to all contenders each movie was considered in the time it was originally released. Another criteria was the effect, if any, the film had on society. A movie such as Jaws had an economic impact on ocean side vacation spots as people were scared to go into the water.

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